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My daughter loves it here she’s settled in so well, all staff are amazing and helpful. Definitely recommend!

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Zoey-Holly Esson – November 2018

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I’ve used Acrewood day nursery for the last 6 years plus.  The staff have always been superb.  Both my children have thrived in the environment provided.

When my eldest started school the first feedback I got from the teacher was what a well behaved, polite boy he was.  He knew all his phonics and loved being in the school environment.  This is a great testament to the solid foundation work and effort the nursery and staff put in on a daily basis ensuring learning is fun.

My youngest was born 3 months early and I was very worried initially about how she would settle at nursery.  I shouldn’t have been the staff and her key worker were fantastic by her 2 year development check at the hospital she completed all tasks in 35 mins.  Thereby excelling in all areas.  This again is testament to the fun, safe and nurturing environment the nursery provides.

I love getting the regular updates to keep me in touch with the steps Kayleigh is achieving.

I’m already dreading the day I say goodbye to everyone in the summer, but I know my daughter is so ready for school.  With excellent social skills and a solid academic background ready to start reception.

Thanks for all the hard work put in by all.

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Tammy – May 2018