Acorn – babies to 2 years

Acorns is our room for babies from around 6 weeks to 2 years of age.

Our acorns are supported by their keyworkers to access a range of activities to help support the children’s individual learning and development. Keyworkers work closely with parents to ensure their routines are mirrored at home to ensure the transition to nursery is a happy and settled one. Staff plan activities based on children’s interests with the support of parents ensuring a wide range of activities are accessible. Key workers follow the three prime areas of the Early Years foundation stage (2012) to help young babies develop their language, strengthen their physical development and develop their personal, social and emotional skills.

Once our children reach around 12-18 months of age, our keyworkers support these toddlers through this inspiring and curious stage of their development. Staff plan and implement a range of fun activities supported by the children’s interests. Children are given a range of opportunities to explore through their senses to help support their learning and development at this vital point in their childhood. Young children of this age start to say their first words and take their first steps and their keyworkers are dedicated in supporting these milestones through play based activities.